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Eat for Skin Health and Anti-Aging with Dr. Jessica Krant

March 03, 2021 Dr. Jessica Krant Season 1 Episode 13
Ignite Your PowHER
Eat for Skin Health and Anti-Aging with Dr. Jessica Krant
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Did you know you can SAVE YOUR OWN SKIN?

Healthy Skin comes from within!!

Join me as I talk with Dr. Jessica Krant about the connection between gut health and your skin. She will share with us:
1. The mind-blowing revelation that changed her view of medicine
2. How lifestyle medicine has helped her achieve personal wellness
3. What the pillars of lifestyle medicine are
4. How  gut health and skin health are connected
5. Her top anti-aging tips
6. Her opinion on dairy and your skin
7. How mindset and life coaching can change your health

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02:00 My bio and how I got here

04:00  How lifestyle Medicine changed my life and made me look at food differently

04:20 Food Is Medicine and should be treated as Medicine. 

05:00 The six pillars of lifestyle medicine and what they mean

06:50 What is mindset and life coaching and how can they be used to provide a better experience in healthcare

07:20 We are all aging everyday. Let's look at how we can look our best and feel our best instead of trying to reverse aging.

08:30 There are a lot of things broken in medicine. It focuses on diagnosis and treatment and not prevention.

09:10 My mind blowing revelations about the gut and skin connection.
15:24 My tips for anti-aging that do not involve botox or injections.