Ignite Your PowHER

Mastering anxiety through self coaching with Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman

March 09, 2021 Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman Season 1 Episode 14
Ignite Your PowHER
Mastering anxiety through self coaching with Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman
Show Notes

In this episode of Ignite Your PowHer, I have the honor of talking to a life coach, Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman about how to master anxiety. Anxiety is so high these days with the pandemic and everyone has been affected by its wake. Dr. Coleman is a life coach, OB GYN, podcast host of  ‎Imposter To Unstoppable on Apple Podcasts, and mamma. She has changed her life through self-coaching and wants to share her knowledge with us so we can master our anxiety and become unstoppable.

We discuss:
1. What is imposter syndrome....
2. How did imposter syndrome play out in her life that made her change the way she viewed the world...
3. What is self coaching versus therapy..
4. She shares fantastic resources for starting your self coaching journey.....
5. How self coaching can help you master relationships, be a better mother, and get what you deserve in life.

Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman can be found at ‎Imposter To Unstoppable on Apple Podcasts or her coaching site.

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