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5 Must Haves for Heathy Happy Hormones

March 17, 2021 Jennifer Roelands, MD
Ignite Your PowHER
5 Must Haves for Heathy Happy Hormones
Show Notes

In this episode, I discuss my 5 must haves for healthy happy hormones. I know you won't be surprised I discuss clean eating, right?
What are my must haves?

1. Anti-inflammatory diet
2. Cut out refined sugars
3. Detox your home
4. Move your body
5. Decrease stress
Here is the time noted and the 5 must haves.

04:00 Anti-inflammatory Diet which can be adjusted for all women regardless of dietary restrictions.
06:00  how anti-inflammatory diet prevents chronic disease.
08:00 the components of the anti-inflammatory diet. 
12:00 Cut out refined sugars
14:00 what I mean by refined sugars.
16:11 what are the good sugars?
17:00 Detox your house and the beauty products you use
19:20 Move your Body
20:50 Deal with stress

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